Resourceful Partnerships: Teacher-librarianship in Queensland 1968-2008

Authors: Janice Cooper, Geraldine Massey, Mary-Ann Salisbury

ISBN: 978-0-909433-11-9

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Description: In recognition of the achievements of teacher-librarians the Queensland School Library Association commissioned a document that would provide a published record of teacher-librarianship in Queensland. This history, the product of that commission, was carried out with the underpinning assumption that teacher-librarians in schools make a significant difference to the education of children and young adults. Indeed, it is also assumed that many teachers chose teacher-librarianship as a career path because they hoped to make a positive and lasting contribution to teaching and learning.

How practising teacher-librarians have, over forty years, endeavoured to make a difference is, therefore, the central concern of this book. Over those years teacher-librarians have formed many supportive partnerships to establish themselves as professional teachers working in very valuable places, school libraries. This history demonstrates how teacher-librarians have worked with fellow teachers and principals, networks of teacher-librarian colleagues, library aides, student assistants and parents to benefit learning outcomes. Systemic support from the state education system and non-state systems such as the Catholic Education Office are also recorded. Professional organisations like the Queensland School Library Association (QSLA) and the Australian School Library Association (ASLA), together with academic institutions, have also played significant roles in the history of teacher-librarianship which are acknowledged herein.