The Queensland School Library Association Inc. (QSLA) is committed to advocating for school libraries and emphasising their critical role within education. The work of the library staff goes far beyond just books. Library staff are vital to the development of students as lifelong learners.

Through the objectives of advocacy, communication, professional development and partnerships, QSLA aims to enhance and develop professional knowledge and skills amongst Queensland library staff and advocate the critical role these professionals play within the education sector.


Term 4 Newsletter - Book Week Events

What fantastic events did you facilitate for BookWeek 2016 - share your successes!  Due to the size of our state, many of us work in isolation, separated by both distance and/or lack of time to meet with other members of our association. Sharing the events or changes in our school library -  our successes and ideas is a way of providing support to each other.  

The deadline for Term 4 newsletter submissions is 1 November 2016
Jannine McGarry, Newsletter Editor,  

Invitation to “Creating Future Libraries”

ANNUAL NETWORK CONFERENCE (Teacher Librarian Professional Development Day). 

Date: Monday 17 October ( Student Free Day)
Venue: Queensland Academy of Science and Technology, 78 Bywong St Toowong
Cost: $110 inc GST (including lunch and afternoon tea)

Registrations open now, please open the attached invitation and click on the link to register or click on the red link above (closing Friday 7th October). 

More information about our Keynote Speaker for 2016 – Leigh Hobbs, Australian Children’s Laureate, can be found here. 

Creating Future Libraries Conference: The Learners’ Playground

The Future Libraries Conference information is at If you are willing to share a great learning idea at lunchtime for the Learners’ Playground, then you will be able to attend for free!!!
The Learners’ Playground will occur at lunchtime.  People doing the Playground will leave 15 minutes before lunch to eat. You can set up your table then, or set up before the conference or at morning tea. There will be power, a table, a pin board, but no wifi provided – only Ed QLD teachers will be able to access the school wifi.
Please do not register on the pdf if doing the Learners’ Playground. Just contact me via email with your idea and I will arrange your registration.
What happens in a Learners’ Playground? This is like a food market, but instead of food, people showcase activities they are doing in their library. It could be reading, research, robotics, makerspace, any great library idea etc. It does not matter if someone is doing something similar. You might have some examples, photos, handouts etc. to show what you have been doing with teachers or students. The idea is that conference attendees wander around looking at what you are sharing and can ask questions.

Below is what I have so far. I am seeking more Playground presenters.

  1. VR goggles and other VR. 
  2. Makerspace-details to be confirmed
  3. Stars against violence
  4. 3D printing and design using tinkercad
  5. Green screen photo editing
  6. Papercraft activities and other makerspace crafts
  7. Wearable electronics

So, please let me know if you would like to showcase at lunchtime in the Learners’ Playground.
Anne Weaver

Young Writers Award

Entries close Friday, 30 September for ages 15-25.  For more information see YWA

Brisbane Writers Festival

When:  7-11 September
Where:  State Library QLD
Featuring writers and thought-leaders from around the world.  For more information see Brisbane Writers Festival

Ipswich & Briz West

Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network (Primary) – Special Meeting:  Friday 7 October, 2-3pm @ Ipswich Central Library
Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network (Primary) – Term 4 Meeting:  Friday 21 October, 1pm
Ipswich StorySports Heats:  Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 November

Contact:  Anita McMillan for more info

FREE Code Club Teacher Training Day

This engaging professional development session will provide you with the skills and confidence to start a Code Club in your local context. The training will provide you with an overview of coding and give you the practical, hands-on skills to get started with coding using Scratch, HTML&CSS and Python.

Venue:  A B Paterson College, Gold Coast
Date:  19 October 2016
Bookings open now

Looking for a Code Club Australia Teacher Training Day near you?  Click here

Call for People to Share a Great Learning Idea

We are also calling for people to share a great learning idea. Below are some links to provide an idea of how this will work.:
Link 1 Great Learning Idea
Link 2 Great Learning Idea

We are seeking to share great learning/teaching/library idea/activity/resources. The Learner’s Playground will occur during the lunch break. You might have student work, a great technology idea, or a demonstration etc. that could be showcased in a trade fair type setting. Please contact Debbie Berger or Anne Weaver if you are interested in sharing with our library community. If you would like to volunteer, please email the people with a brief description of your activity. You might like to do this as a team, and it can be something, small or large, that you have found to be effective.

Anne -
Debbie -

The plan for the day will be somewhat different this year as the Academy does not have a pupil free day. The pupil free day in October is likely to disappear for most schools with the changes to senior assessment, so further changes for this conference will need to happen accordingly.