The QSLA Advocacy Group

To keep moving forward with the plan to create a marketing strategy for QSLA and our members, we have facilitated a group of passionate professionals who want to promote a strong, positive image for teacher-librarians. Discussions and planning take place by teleconference once every month.  

We need to move as quickly as possible, as talks for “awards modernisation” are already underway. If you would like to contribute or for further information, can you please contact the Secretariat on

The Forum Report: 20 October 2014

We are hopeful that the meeting of QSLA with QTU and QIEU on 20 October 2014 has begun a process of conversation that will assist to clarify and promote the role of the teacher-librarian in our schools. Following are the documents and notes from the meeting:

Union Contacts

Thalia Edmonds
Industrial Advocate
Queensland Teachers' Union

21 Graham St, Milton Q 4064
PO Box 1750, Milton BC Qld 4064

Phone: 07 3512 9000
Fax: 07 3512 9050
Mobile: 0417 962 406
Email: or

Dr Paul Giles
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Independent Education Union of Australia-Queensland and Northern Territory Branch

346 Turbot Street, Spring Hill Q 4000
PO Box 418, Fortitude Valley Q 4006

Freecall: 1800 177 937
Phone: (07) 3839 7020
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Previous Research

What perception do Queensland school principals have of teacher-librarians?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

QSLA is pleased to release the findings of a joint research project with the Queensland University of Technology Children and Youth Research Centre, 'School libraries, teacher-librarians and their contribution to student literacy in Gold Coast schools'.

QSLA-funded research Gold Coast school libraries project:

  • Hughes, Hilary, Bozorgian, Hossein, & Allan, Cherie (2014) School libraries, teacher-librarians and student outcomes: Presenting and using the evidence. School Libraries Worldwide,20(1), pp. 29-50. 
  • Hughes, Hilary E., Leigh, Toni, Osborne, Marj, Fraser, Sally, Kahl, Christine, & Reynolds, Helen (2013) School libraries, teacher-librarians and literacy at Gold Coast schools: Research findings. Synergy, 11(2).